From: comex <>
Subject: Re: DIS: Re: BUS: Resolving nkep
Real-Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 15:16:10 -0000
Message-ID: <>

On 12/3/07, Kerim Aydin <> wrote:
> >>> I intend, on behalf of Agora, with Agoran Consent, to
> >>> nkeplwgplxgioyzjvtxjnncsqscvntlbdqromyeyvlhkjgteaqnneqgujjpwcbyfrpueo
> >>> ydjjk.
> I don't know if anyone's done this yet but:
> I hereby identify that the above "notice" lacked the information required
> to initiate an Agoran decision, as specified in R107(a).

I initiate a criminal CFJ, with Goethe as defendant, accusing em of
violating Rule 2149 by publishing the quoted message (with message-id

It contained the matter to be decided: whether or not Agora should
perform nonsense (as opposed to granting a win or some silly thing
like that).

Recklessly claiming a false thing like a lack of valid R107
information where it was certainly specifiedis a violation of Rule